For exporting data from your IRControl installation you use the funtkion export in the datatransfer subsystem.

There exists 2 different mode for how you can use export. You can use the option „Full backup“ for exporting the whole data store of IRControl, or you can select only individual data objects and therefore Export only parts of your data. This can be helpfull to transfer for example only some pages to your IRControl Installation on your Smartphone or you exchange your page layout with an other user of IRControl.

You can set the following export properites:

Follow dependencies If this option is switched on, all objects that are related will be select too. If you select for example a Device, the Gateway wich is referenced by the devices will also be selected. Or you select a page and all referenced devices on this page will be selected too (which also selects the used Gateways in turn).
Main Page If you include the main page (Main.xml) in your export, it will be exported also fix as main page. Otherwise you could set an other page as new mainpage. It will be renamed in this case in the export file. This could be interessting for exports to an other system, working with the IRContol Executor.
IRControl Device Connected Android device for datatransfer with Wifi Direct. You can read more about Wifi Direct in the appropriate chapter.

Full Backup A backup your complete IRControl data store will be made. If you select this option, you cant selecet single elements anymore.
Description Optional description text, for describing the content of the export.
Path Path where the Zip-Fiel will be stored.
Filename Filename of the export file. If it does not end with the extension „.zip“, the IRControl system does append it automatically.

Finally you can start the export with the Process button. Your export file will be stored on the SDCard.

(Attention: Depdending on Android version, you have to allow IRControl App first to access data on the SDCard. You can do this in the App section of Android setup).