With the import function your can import previously exported configuration data again.

If you import a „Full Backup“, all data on your IRControl Installation will be deleted first before the backup data will be restored.

If you import data from a simple export, the existing data remains on your Installation. Only data elements with the same ID will be probably overwritten (you can influence this behaviour).

First you read the file you want to import (ZIP) with the button „Load“, where you can browse and selected the file on your SDCard. After reading the file the content will be visualized on the table on the left side. If no errors are detected in consistency, you can import your data with the button „Process“.

If there are problems with consistency of data elements (e.g. a page has references to a device which is neighter stored in the backup file, nor available in the data store), you can correct it with the edit function .

The following symbols visualizes the potential problem:

There are no inconsitent data on the element. It can be imported without any problems.
There are inconsistent data on your element. You can import it as it is anyway, but some references will not work after (e.g. action on a button). It is better to solve this problems with the edit funtion, where you can change the element.
There is a consistency error, which must be solved. Otherewise import is not possible.
There exists already an element with the same ID. The existing element will be overwritten. But you can change the ID with the edit function to prevent the overwritting, as well you can exlude it form import (ignore).
There exists an element with the same ID, but you already changed it. The element will be imported with the new ID, the existing will not be overwritten.
You have already excluded this element from import.