Instead you transfer your data from one to an other IRControl Installation by file, you can also connect to other devices by wifi direct and send the data directly. The import and export functionality remains the same.

To start the transmission of data, you have to select the tab Import (part Datatransfer) on your target device (if IRControl Executor is installed on the target device, just simply start the import dialog). After you have selected your data for export, you have to start the Connection Dialog by pressing the search button beside the Input field („IRControl Device“). Your target device will now be listeted and is selectable. By pressing the Ok Button the connection establishment will be started. You have to confirm the connection on target system. If the connection was successfull, it will be notifyed on each device by showing the device name of the other. Now you can transmit the data by pressing the process button. After transmission you can edit and Import the data on the target system. After Import, the target system restarts automatically.