The Broadlink RM pro Device has the possibility to learn radio control commands (for example to control power switches) and also to resend them.

You have to register a device configuratin for it.

Select the Device Type Broadlink Radio Control Device and choose the Gateway you have previously configured for your Broadlink RM pro. You have also to enter a unique ID for the device, which will be used to configure the control buttons on your page layout later.

On the tab Commands you kann learn the radio control sequences for your device.

The learn process needs 2 steps. First, the Broadlink RM pro has to recognize the frequeny of the radio control sequence. For this, press the green button beside the Learn field. After this you have to press (and hold) the button on your  radio remote control up to the acutstic signal appears and the continue button will be displayed.

Now you have to press the Continue button and again the button on your Radio remote control. But this thime only shortly, that the signal could be sent. If the radio control sequence could be recognized, „Ok“ will be displayed within the Learn field. Now you can store the command by pressing the OK button ().