For each sensor you want to access on the relay extension, you have to register a sensor device.

Select the previously registered Global Caché iTach Gateway and give it a unique ID.

For the configuration with a iTach Flex device the Moule ID is allways 2. For other devices have a look at your Global Caché user documentation for the module ID. The iTach port selects which sensor you want to access (1 – 4).

The configuration of the Notify port and interval is optional. You have allways to configure both attributes, if you want use notifying. If this option is set, the Global Caché devices sends periodicaly (interrval) an UDP Command to the Network address (Broadcast address) to the specified port. You can set the interfall with the given parameter (seconds). The IRControl App catches this broadcast message and generets a system Event (Sender: device ID, Property: „state“, value: 0 or 1). Please keep in mind, that the Android operating System can not receive any broadcast messages, if it is in sleep mode.

Instead you configure a notify port, you release the command „state“ which determines the state of the sensor too. Calling the „state“ command releases a system event as well.