For each device, which you want to control over a Harmony Hub, a device definition must be registered.

Attention: On Harmony Hubs with Firmware 4.15.250
the XMPP interface musst be enabled explicitly. (See also Harmony Hub)

For this you have to choose the device type and your gateway (for configuration of the gateway consider the chapter Harmony Gateway). A device also needs a unique ID, which will be referenced from your layout pages. You have also to determine the Harmony Device ID four your device. For this click on the search Button for displaying the list of devices, configured on the harmony hub. You have to select your device, so the ID will be stored in your device configuration.

After this, you have to configure your control codes for the device.

With a Logitech Harmony Hub this is very simple: switch to the tab „Commands“ and click on the button „Load from harmony Hub“. After this, all control sequences, which are defined for your device on the Harmony Hub, will be donwloaded and stored in the device configuration. You can also test the correct operation of the control codes if you start the edit mode and click on the send button to transmit them to your device.

For information how to configure a channel directory read the chapter Channel Directory