For sending HTTP Requests you have to enter a HTTP Device.

You have to select the previosly registered HTTP Gateway and a unique ID is also needed.

For each request you have to enter a Command

For registering a command you have to enter a uinqieu ID, which you use later for processing the request from you layout page. As request type there is GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE at your disposal.

Depending on request type you can also add content (for example XML or JSON) for transmit additional data the service you are calling.

The response content you can analyse with a response event (have also a look to the chapter Events). You can catch this events on the controls on your layout pages for manipulation and Controlling.

A system event will be sent with the ID of the HTTP Device and the parameters configures at this place.

The response will be analyzed the the regular expression. You have 2 different possibilities to analyzse the Response:

  1. Match
    The HTTP Response will be compared with the regular expression (match). If the expression matches the event will be sent.
  2. Search
    The HTTP Response will be scaned for a string  (search). The found string will be sent as value with the Event. You have to configure as Value „#value“, so the system could recognize that the regular expression is a search expression and the result can be transmitted as value.

You will find an expample how a REST-Service call can be implemented in the chapter REST-Service.