You have to register for each radio transmissin power switch a device.

Select the Device Type and the ITGW-433 gateway you have registered priviously and enter a unique ID for your device. Now you have to select the model type of your power switch. There a 2 different device types. The first one has dip switches or small rotary switch whitch defines the channel code for accessing. The second one you can will be controlled with a 24 bit ID, whitch you have to configure on power device with a learning mode. If your device type is not listet in the dropdown list, take an other one, that is configurable in the same way.

Devices with 24 bit ID you register as following:

While selecting the device type, the IRConcol System shows a random generated 24 bit ID. You can use it or take an other 24 bit value. It represents the control channel to access the power switch. The commands will be generated automatically for the device. For device types with 24 bit ID, 3 commands will be created: a ON commmand, a OFF command and a reset command. This commands you can send by clicking on edit button and fire the send command . To configure the device youd have to press the learn button on the device and send ON command. For clear the 24 bit ID on your power device you operate similar with the OFF command. With reset commmand the power switch is reseted and all learned IDs will be cleared.

Commands on Intertechno Device will be called as a UDP Action in your layout pages (see chapter UDP Action).