For all devices you want to control with your IRTrans Wifi, you have to register a IRTrans device in the setup part of the IRControl Software.

Select the device type „IRTrans Device“ and the IRTrans Gateway, which you have configured before. The configuration of the gateway is described in chapter IRTrans Gateway

You have to enter a unique ID, which you will use again while creating your layout pages. The other parameters (device, subdevice and protocol) are optional. This parameters are used to generate the control sequences. If you enter them at this place you don’t have to configure them on each control command.

Now you have to register the infrared codes on the tab „Commands“.

Add your commands by pressing the button . Enter a unique ID for the command code.

Now you have the possibility to add the control sequence as a Philips Pronto Code (ccf) or as a function definition (device, subdevice and function). But the easiest way is to learn the infread sequence by sending it with your remote control.

To learn a infrared sequence press on the green button beside the Learn field. Now you have to send the desired infrared sequence from your remote control to the IRTrans device. If the signal could be recognized, „OK“ will be displayed in the Learn field.

With the Analyze Tool you can analyze the infrared sequence code. Press the Analyze button to start the tool. If the infrared sequence code be decoded the concerning function definition will be displayed. You have the possibility to store the sequence directly in this form after. The IR Protocol also will be set on the tab Device in this case. This transformation of sequence is optional. The command could also be send with directly with the learnd infrared sequence.

Parameter „Toggle“ is used for some devices while sending the same control sequences multiple. This information will be included in the control sequence each second time. So the target device can recognize, that the sequence was sent again.

With the send button you can transmit the control sequence to your target device for testing purpose.