The elements of openHAB (known as things) will be registered as Device in the IRControl System.

Select the Gateway Id of your previously registered openHAB server. Then you have to enter a unique ID for your thing and choose the with the seek button  the corresponding openHAB Thing. The UID automatically will be transferd als reference form openHAB Server and will be used to control the Thing.

Now you can generate the commands. Select the tab commands and press the button „Load from openHAB items“. The commands will be generaged with the item Information which are registered for the selected thing on the openHAB system. A thing can have one oir more items. An item represent a command set for a device type (for example Color and Dimmer for a Philips Hue light element).

The Items (commands) Color and Dimmer can not be called by any Action in the IRControl system directly, but they can be configured in the following control elements:

Dimmer: Wheel Control, Slider Control (Dimmer)

Color: Color Select Control (Wheel Control)-

For an openHAB thing you can also add a channel Directory. You can use this if you control a TV over openHAB System. You can read more about this in the chapter Channel Directory.