With the Philips Hue System you can define groups of light elements, that can be controlled together. Hue Groups are not stored in the IRControl System, but on the Hue Bridge. This is the reason that existing groups will be displayed in the IRControl system as well and also can be used.

For creating a new group select Philips Hue Group as Device Type.

Select the Gatway Id of your Hue Bridge and enter a Name for your Group. You can choose between a light group and a room  as group type. For the group type room you have also to define a room type. The available room type can not be configured. They are pretended by the Philips Hue System.

Now you can add the Hue lights you want to have in this group by pressing the button . If all lights are entered, you can finish the creation of the group by pressing the OK button .

The Id of the Hue Group will be generated by the IRControl system and can’t be changed.