The configuration wizard provides a user-guided function that allows easy configuration of IRControl within minutes. The wizard will start automatically when you start the setup program part, if no infrared transmitter is configured yet. Afterwards it can be startet via the Wizard button

(in the upper right corner of the setup program section) to configure further devices.

What you need:

  • Android tablet or larger Android Smart Phone (minimum resolution 1280 x 720)
  • An infrared transmitter (see overview infrared transmitter).
  • A device to control (for example, a TV or CD player)
  • IRControl App is installed

Infrarot Transmitter

If the infrared transmitter is installed properly, then you can start:

To install a new infrared transmitter, select the „New“ option and use the „Search“ button to find your infrared transmitter in the Network. If it is not displayed at this point, there may be a technical problem.

In certain network configurations, it may not be recognized by IRControl. In this case, capture the infrared transmitter manually (see Network configuration). When the infrared transmitter configuration is complete, press the „Continue“ button, which will take you to the next step:

Device Configuration

Each device that you want to control via infrared signals must be registered as a device in IRControl. Depending on the type of infrared transmitter, this configuration page looks a bit different (see also the chapters of the different device setups). In most cases, only one ID must be assigned to the device at this point. The yellow fields must be entered, the white ones are optional. When the registration of the device is finished, press the „Continue“ button, which takes you to the next step:

Selection Layout Template

IRControl provides templates for the graphic design of their control pages in various graphic themes. Of course, you can customize these pages after configuration or you redesign it completely.

Use the search button to select a suitable layout template for the configured device, and continue with the „Continue“ button.

Configure Infrared Codes

Now you need to capture the infrared control sequences for your device. Assign if possible to all Actions their corresponding Commands (which will be stored in the device configuration)

If your infrared transmitter has a learning function, it can be started by pressing the plus symbol

With the learning function you can learn the control codes with your remote control. To do this, hold the remote control in the direction of the infrared transmitter and press the button on the remote control that you want to learn.

If the infrared code can not be learned at this point (see also Infrared Transmitter Overview), previously configured control codes can be selected and assigned via the search symbol (if the IRControl has not already done it automatically for you).

Once the control codes have been entered, press the „Continue“ button again to get to the next and final step:

Register Page

To generate the layout page, a name and a file name must be entered. The width and height of the page is pre-filled by IRControl already optimized for your tablet / Smartphone.

The page structure in IRControl will be hierarchical in most cases. This means that you have a main page from which you navigate to its child pages. If you are not yet well versed in the configuration of IRControl, it is best to create a navigation button on the main page for your new subpage (select option). With the „Finish“ button you complete the configuration and you have created a gateway (infrared transmitter), a device (configuration for the device you are controlling) with the corresponding infrared commands, and a layout page.

Pressing the Back function returns to the main page from which you can control your devices now.