Under Layout we understand the defintion which will build the design of the user interface of your IRControl system. Switch to the tab „Layouts“ in the setup programm. You will find there already a layout defintion whitch shows the initial screen page of oyur IRConstrol system. Each layout has different fragments (at least a Main Fragment and a Page Header). The Main Fragment defines the main part of your layout page.

For example you can define on your Main Layout the control elements foru your amplifier and the buttons to jump to your fruther layouts pages for your other equipment like cd player, radio tuner and tv. Maybe you have an other interesting conecpt how your want to build your IRControl system.

So, you choose the Main Lyout and its Main Fragment and start the layout editor . Now you can define our ouwn layout or you can take on of the predefined layouts (which you can modify or extend after).

Your own Layout

Take your desired element (control) in the layout area by drag & drop. With a short click on the control you can start the property dialog in which the controll will be configured (see the concerning chapters for each control). By pressing the control for a longer time it can be moved again (drag 6 Drop).

Predefined Layout

If you are in layout editor you can start the function „Predefines Layouts“ in the menu (gearwheel button in the right top corner). Then your have to select „Layout Template“ as page type.

Now you can select your desired layout tempalte by clicking on the search button and selecting the template element in the choice. After, you can select the device (which you have registered priviously) in the same way. Now the controls on the page template will be matched with the commands defineid on your selected device. Controls that couldn’t be machted could be selected anyway, but you have to configure them manualy.

The layout page will be genereaded according to the template edition. You can change this layout page or enhance it with further controls.

Don’t forget to define (on your main page) a button for your new page layout for esuring the navigation to the new page. Information how to do this you will find in the chapters text button or image button and page action