Register Device

Unter device we understand the equipment you want to control with your IRControl system (like a cd player). Select the the tab „Devices“ and add a new device by pressing the plus button .

Now you have to choose the device type (for devices you want to control with a Harmony Hub, select the type „Harmony Device“).

In the dropdown box for the gateway definition, select your gateway (id), which you have registered priviously. You have to enter also a unique id for each device, which you will us later while defining your layout pages.

If you use a Logitech Harmony Hub for infrared transmission, you can choose (by pressing the search button ) your home electronic device (which is configured on your harmony hub).

Now you can swith to the tab „Commands“. Here, you have to register the infrared codes für your devices, you want to control. If you use a Logitech Harmony Hub you can donwload the codes from the Hub, simply by pressing the „Load“ button.