The Apple TV 4 (Navigation) can be controlled with the IRControl System. For this the Apple TV has to be registered as a Gateway.

You have to configure your Apple TV with the mac address or IP address.  For more Information have a look at the chapter network configuration.

Then the IRControl System has to be paired with  the Apple TV. Press the green butten beside the field Pairing. Now a pairing code is displayed.

You have to navigate now on your Apple TV to the settings of remote controls and devices, then select „Remote App“. There IRControl System together with your Android Device Name is listed and can be selected for connecting. After that you have to enter the pairing code and your IRControl System is ready to control the Apple TV.

You don’t have to register a device configuration vor the Apple TV. If the Apple TV Gateway is initialized successfully, the Device Definition will be created automatically. You can’t change or delete it after.