The IRControl System does support differnt devices from Global Caché. The Flex wifi and Flex IP network devices are fully supported. Devices from iTach Series and GC100 can be controlled, but the configration is not completely integrated in acutal Version of IRControl.

Setup your Global Caché device with a Mac adress or IP. For more Information have a look at the chapter network configuration.

With a Global Caché Flex you can’t not only sending infrard sequences, there are also additional accessories avalable (diffent infrared transmitter, serial port as well as a relay with sensor ports). Actually are all infrared Transmitter and the relay device (relay and sensors) supported in IRControl.  You shuld configure at the mode attribute which is your acutal plugged device extension. For relay you have also toset the type of relay. For more information please consider the documentation of your Global Caché device.

With Global Caché IR transmitter you have to add all the control codes to telecontrol your devices. You have the possiblibty to add the infrared sequence as a Pronto HEX Code or as numbers with protocol definition. For testing your protocol codes there is a test functionality implemented („Send Test“).

With the implementation in IRControl for the Global Caché transmitter you have also the possibility to learn infrared codes from your remote control. You can reed more about this in chapter  Global Caché IR Device.