The IRControl System does support the Logitech Harmony Hub to send infrafred sequences. To use the Harmony Hub it must be configured first with the Logitech Tools (Harmony App or MyHarmony Windows Software). You have to configure your home electronic equipment you want to control within the Logitech configuration software. Keep in mind, that you don’t have to define Actions on your Harmony Hub. In the actual version, the IRControl software does not support actions. But you can define IRControl Macros (sequence of control codes) and playback them.

Attention: On Harmony Hubs with Firmware 4.15.250
the XMPP interface musst be enabled explicitly. (See also Harmony Hub)

You have to configure the Mac address or IP address of your harmony hub. Further information about the configuration of network devices you will find in the chapter Networkkonfiguration. You have also to enter a unique ID for your gateway configuration. This will be used as reference while you register your home electronic equipment (devices).