The IRControl System does support the IrDroid USB Transceiver. For accessing you have to add a Gateway definition.

For configuration of the IrDroid Gateway you have only to enter a unique ID.

You can add only 1 IrDroid Gateway in your IRControl System.

If you install the Gateway a Message from Android operating System occurs concerning the access to the USB device. You can choose to grant the access only once or permanently. If you link the USB Transceiver permanently with the IRControl, the App will be started automatically when connecting the IrDroid USB Device. This configuration can be reseted in the system configuration of Android (Apps / Default opening).

With IrDroid USB Transceiver you have to add all the control codes to telecontrol your devices. You have the possiblibty to add the infrared sequence as a Pronto HEX Code or as numbers with protocol definition. For testing your protocol codes there is a test functionality implemented („Send Test“).

You have to enter protocol, device, subdevice (if existing) und function numerber. This definition will be transformed to a Pronto HEX Code bevor sending to the IRTrans device.

With the implementation in IRControl for the IrDroid USB Transceiver you have also the possibility to learn infrared codes from your remote control. You can reed more about this in chapter IrDroid Device.