In the actual version of IRControl the Wifi Device of IRTrans is supportet, but you don’t need the version with integrated infrared database respectively the integrated server.

You have to enter the Mac address oder IP address of your IRTrans Wifi device. In chapter Network Configuration it is described more in details how to register a network gateway.

With IRTrans Wifi you have to add all the control codes to telecontrol your devices manually. You have the possiblibty to add the infrared sequence as a Pronto HEX Code or as numbers with protocol definition. For testing your protocol codes there is a test functionality implemented („Send Test“).

You have to enter protocol, device, subdevice (if existing) und function numerber. This definition will be transformed to a Pronto HEX Code bevor sending to the IRTrans device.

Control sequences (Pronto HEX Code or protocol definitions) you receive from the producer of your home electronic equipment or on web pages concerning on to this topic. But with the implementation of the IRTrans device in IRControl you have the possibility to learn the infrared sequences from your remote control. You can read more about this in the chapter IRTrans Device.

Die Steuercodes für Ihre Heimelektronikgeräte erhalten sie gegebenenfalls beim Hersteller oder auf einschlägigen Internetseiten zu diesem Thema. Die Implementation des IRTrans Gerätes in IRControl ermöglicht es jedoch auch Infrarot Sequenzen anzulernen. Mehr darüber erfahren Sie im Kapitel IRTrans Device.