To communicate with a gateway, IRControl needs its IP Address. In most of cases the ip address will be assigned dynamically from network (DHCP) and can also change. The mac address of a device is fix for every time. So you should configure your Gateway rather with a Mac Address than with an IP Address. In case you have defined a fix IP Address for your gateway, it makes sense to configure the IP Adress directly. If the gateway is visible and can be accessed over network, you can see in the software part „System Info“ on the tab „Gateways“.

Automatic Gateway Detection

For most of gateway types there is the possiblity to let the IRControl system searhching for (with Search button ). To use this feature, it is necessary that „Broadcasting“ and maybe the „Bonjour Service“ is enabled on your network router. You can configure all your Gateways automatically with the Gateway Configuration Wiazard.