Actions are control instructions, that calls any functionality like sending a infrared sequenz to a target device. There are different types of actions. Actions you can define on a control (button) or in a macro (see chapter Macros).

While configuring an action on a control, you have to set a trigger. A trigger defines what is to do with the control (for example click on the button), to execute the action. There are different triggers depending on the control type.


The following actions are available (Actions that relate to a device will only be displayed if at least one corresponding device is detected):

Bluesound Action Call functions on a Bluesound System
Chromecast Action Control Google Chromecast
Command Action Call of IRControl system functions.
Color Action (Color Action) Light and color control for MyStrom Bulb and openHAB Things with a color channel
Radio Control Action Call of Radio control commands on Intertechno and Broadlink Devices
Generic Device Action Execute commands on the following device: Global Caché Relais, Sensor and Serial Device, UPD, Apple and TCP Device.
HTTP Action Call HTTP Commands on the HTTP Device
Infrarot Action Sending of ircontrol commands on the devices: Global Caché IR, Harmony, IRTrans, Sony, IrDroid, Broadlink, IRBlaster
Kontextmenu Action Open or close the context slider
Macro Action call macro commands
MyStrom Action Call commands on MyStrom Power Switch
openHAB Action Call openHAB system functions
Page Action Open an other layout page
Philips Hue Action Controlling the Philips Hue System