The command action starts system functions on the IRControl System. Interessting in this relation are only the commands described at this place.


IRConntrol sends a Refresh-30 event every 30 seconds for relaoding data for some controls. With this command you can install an addtional timer on your page with sends Refresh events. As Parameter you have to enter the invervall in milli seconds.


Sends a ping to the Gateway defined in the Parameter (ID). You can determine with this command if a Gateway is online on Network. The System does send an Event (connected) if it is connected.


ScanNetwork let the IRControl System search for new control devices on network. This is maybe interessting if you switch on your equipment with controllable powerswitch (MyStrom or Intertechno). So you can scan your network for devices after certain time (as long your equipment needs to start).


A dynamic property can be fired. (see also Dynamic Attributes).


An additional command action is „SendEvent“. With it you can send events inside the IRControl system to other subsystems or controls. With this functionality it is possible to generate dynamic layouts, which extends the possibility of layout design seriously. For more information about useing events read the chapter events.


With this parameter you can manipulate some attributes of your page. The following attributes are possible to set:


Sleep makes sence only to configure it within a macro. The sleep time (parameter) is to enter in milliseconds. So you could interrupt the execution of a macro for a certain time.

A use case of ScanNetwork and Sleep could be, that you create a macro, wich first enable the power switch, then waits specific time (time the devices switched on need to connect to the network, and finally search on the network for devices just turned on.

setupbutton.visible true/false, the setup button (gear wheel) will be set invisible
setupbutton.bitmap Path to bitmap (change the bitmap of the setup button)
menubutton.visible true/false, the Menu button (used with Context Slider) will be set to invisible
menubutton.bitmap Path to bitmap (change the bitmap of the menu button)
pageindicator.visible true/false, disabling of page indicators (with sub fragments)
pageindicator.on.color Change the color of (selected) page indicators (format #FFFFFF) Change the color of (unselected) page indicators (format #FFFFFF)