The Philips Hue Action you use for controlling the light elements or light groups for the Philips Hue System.

Select the Philips Hue Action as Action Type.

In the field Device you select the Philips Hue light or Philipe Hue Group you want to control. Then you have to configure the command you want to process. The command getstate will be  used for internal tasks only. With the command select you can set a light or group as selected device (see also chapter Device List for more Information about this functionality). For change the state of a light element you use the command setstate. With the selection „on“ or „off“, the light will be switched on or off. If you want to change the color of your light element, you  can start the Color Dialog with the search button . The configuration of brightness you use for dimable light elements only (without color). The configuration with Color HUE and saturation we don’t explain deeper. It uses the color system of Philips in a direct mode. The configuration with Color does convert it to this values. If you define a delay, the action will be executed with the defined delay (specificaton in milliseconds). The parameter context is used only for some internal functionality in the IRControl System.