The Channel List does list all tv channels as image button. You can create a channel list as an „Enhanced Control“ in the menu of the layout editor. You should design your control list as big as possible (probably the whole layout page). You can read more about the configure a channel list also in chapter Channel Directory.

Control Attributes

Device Device for which the channel directory will be configured (normaly a tv or radio).
Columns count Number of columns that will be buildet
Spacing spacing between rows and colums
Alphabetical sort true = the channels will be sorted alphabeticaly by the name of the channel, otherwise in order of the channel number.
Channel Button You can configure the image button, that will be used to build the channel list. The attribute picture of the button should be „NONE“. You can not define actions at this place for the channel button.
ID Optional attribute. It is used for some special configurations only.

Layout Attributes

The Layout Attributes of a control are described in chapter Control Layout.


You can’t define any actions for the channel list.


In chapter Events you can read more about event handling.