The device list shows alls devices that are linked with a Gateway. You can also select one of them. The idea of this mechanism is, that you can define for example only one Color Wheel control for all your light elements and can select one, which will be linked then at runtime with the control. You can define a Device List for a Philips Hue Gateway or for a Bluesound System.

If you configure youre Device List for a Bluesound System, you can select more than one Bluesound device. They will linked together in this case and play synchoniously. The first selected Blouesound device will act as the master device.

The colors or the control can be configured. For the title area, „Title BG Color“ for the background and „Title Color“ for the font color are available. The displayed elements are configured via the parameters BG Color (background color), Color (font color) and Highlight BG Color (background color of a selected element). BG Color and Color you will find on the „Layout“ tab.

Layout Attributes

The Layout Attributes of a control are described in chapter Control Layout.


You can’t define any actions for the Device List.


In chapter Events, you can read more about events.