The image control (or image view) shows a picture. It can be used for illustrating page layouts. If you use an image as background, you can fix it on screen with the option „Fix Position“. If you do so, you can’t move it (by fault) with drag & drop anymore .

Control Attribute

Picture Image file (start the search button the image dialog). More about it your can read in chapter Image Dialog.
Dynamic Picture A picture loaded from a service will be displayed. See also Dynamic Attributes“
Stretch disabled: the image keeps its proportion
enabled: the Image will be streched to the control size
ID Optional attribute. It is used for some special configurations only.


Following service can be configured for loading a picture (insert in picture field):


http:// Web-URL of a png, jpg or gif file

Example: [Service:]
BLUESOUNDSYSTEM/state.image ID of the Bluesound System + „/state.image“
Shows the cover of the acutally played track on the bluesound system

Layout Attribute

The layout attributes of a control are described in chapter Control Layout.


You can define actions for the following triggers:

onstart will be executed while creating the page after the contro is initialized


The following attributes can be changed by a event handler:

bitmap Image that will be displayed
rotate Rotation of the control in degrees
visible true / false
x X coordinate
y Y coordinate
width width of the control
height height of the control
state for customer puprpose usable attribute (see also the chapter State Attribute for more information)

In chapter Events you can read more about events.