With the navigation pad, you have a control area for cursor control (left/right and up/down). The cursor actions will be executed with wiping actions on the navigation pad. If you wipe in one direction the cursor actions will be repeated until you release the display. The actions will be repeated faster as further the swipe moves. With a short tap on the display the selection action (or enter) is executed. It is recommended to define the navigation pad as big as possible for a good navigation function.

For Apple TV you can configure the gateway directly. You can also use the navigation pad for devices controlled by infrared. For this you have to configure for each trigger (left, right, up, down, select) the infrared command for the device.

Layout Attributes

The layout attributes of a control are described in chapter Control Layout.


You can define actions for the following Triggers:

onstart will be executed while creating the page after the contro is initialized
up Action for cursor up
down Action for cursor down
left Action for cursor left
right Action for cursor right
select Action to call select function

Event Handler

The following attributes can be changed by a event handler:
visible true / false
x X coordinate
y Y coordinate
width width of the navigation pad
height height of the navigation pad

In chapter Events you can read more about event handling.