The thext control (or text label) simply shows text. It can be used to label any other design elements.

Control Attributes

Text Text to Display. With \n you can insert a line break, with [#TEXT] you can include dynamic text.
Dynamic Text A text loaded from a service will be displayed. See also Dynamic Attributes“
Font size Size of used font. The default value is 10
max. Lines Limitation of maximum count of lines (if system forces line breaks)
Text Align Alignment of text within the control. This option only has some effect if the width of the control is larger than the text. The Height=“Warp“ (Layout tab) does not make any sense in this context.
ID Optional attribute. Is is used for some special configurations only.

Layout Attribute

The Layout Attributes of a control are described in chapter Control Layout.


You can define actions for the following triggers:

onstart will be executed while creating the page after the contro is initialized


The following attributes can be changed by a event handler:

text Text that will be displayed
bgcolor Background color
color text color
visible true / false
x X coordinate
y Y coordinate
width width of the control
height height of the control
rotate Rotation of the control in degrees
state for customer puprpose usable attribute (see also the chapter State Attribute for more information)

In chapter Events you can read more about event handling.