With the Eventhandler Wizard, you can create Event handler very easy. All Events generated by the IRControl System are listed and can be selected with the paremeter that are needed.


Folgende Bereiche (Scopes) stehen zur Auswahl zur Verfügung:
The following Scopes can be selected:

Control All Events that are defined on controls on the layout page will be listet. As Default, the acutal loaded page is used, but you can select also any other. This makes sense for example if you are editing a View and want to handle Events from the superior page.
Device All Events of all configured Devices will be listed.
Gateway All Events of all configured Gateways will be listed.
System Events from the internal subsystems will be listed.

After selection of the scope, you can select the property for which you want to install an event handler.

The value „#null“ can be configured in any case. In this case the handler will be executed with all values which will be sent with the event. If you configure an other value, the event handler will be executed only if the event contains this value. With the value „[select]“ you can define any individual value for the filter, when the event handler is executed (for example an exact color, if the event is from type color)