The Image Dialog can be started everywhere you have to select an image.

Selection of an image

Choose the picture category you want to select your picture form and select your desired picture. Press to the OK symbol for taking the picture.

Upload an image

Choose the category, to which you want to upload (add) your picture. Press on the Upload button for starting the File Dialog. Choose the directory in which your image you want to upload is. With the button you can switch to the next higher directory.

Image Categories

In the base configuration of your IRControl System there are 2 categories (Stored Pictures and TV Channels). You can upload new pictures to theese categories, but not delete pictures from base configuration.

You can define new image categries yourself. Press on the Plus button and configure the name and the path (on your sim card). For selecting the path press on the search button and check the desired directory. Because your new image category is on your sim card of your android device, the upload functionality is disabled. You don’t need it because you can copy your images simply to this directory (for example form your PC over USB cable).