In the layout editor the pages will be designed, which finally build the user interface and design of your remote control system. You can start the layout editor in the setup part of IRControl in the tab „Layouts“. You have to select a page and the fragment you want to edit, then press the edit button .


In the header (blue part) you will find most of the controls for designing your layout. In the part below there is the design area where your layout page is displayed. Drag and Drop the controls from the upper part down to the design part. If you have placed the control, the property dialog can be startet by short clicking on the control. There you can configure your control element. For buttons you have to add a action (tab actions), which defines what will happen if you press it at runtime. The control elements are described in the concerning chapters. If you want to move a control to an other place press the control for a little bit longer, so the control releases from its position and can be moved again (drag & drop).

In the menu, whitch you can start with the gearwheel button in the right upper coner, you will find more functionality.


The option „Snap to Grid“ let you move the controlls with drag & drop only on a grid with configured amout of pixels. Therefore it is easier to place the controls. This option is enabled by default.

With the button „Fragment Settings“ you can configure different attributes from the fragment (e.g. background color). See the chapter Fragment Configuration for more information about it.

With the button „Enhanced Control“ there appears a choice with some more complex control elements. You will find more information about them in the chapter controls.

With „Predefined Lyouts“ you can select and use predefined layouts. For more information read the chapter Layout Templates.

You can also display a list of all control elements with button „Control List“. This could be helpfull if you have placec more control elements one upon the other at the same place. It’s also possible the change the order of processing while the screen will be builded. This functionality is also imported if you have a zombie control. Zombies are controls that are not visible anymore. This could happen if you control is completely transparent or has the same color as the background is or the control is outside of the layout area.

At the buttom border of the menu you have the 2 buttons for quitting the layout editor, either for saving or canceling your layout modifications.