For users of IRControl System that are not so talented in design graphics, there are layout templates with the base functionality of popular home electronic devices (amplifier, cd player, dvd player, tv). For configuring a layout page with a template you have to start the layout editor (Button ) with the mainfragment. If the layout editor was started, open the menu (wheelgear in the right upper corner) and press the button „Predefined Lyouts“.

You have to choose the Page Type „Layout Template“ and select a layout template corrosponding to your device. You have also to select the device definition of your targetdevice.

Now the commands defined on your devices configuration will be matched to the control actions defined in the layout template you have selected. The matching will be done by finding commands and actions with the same ID automatically if possible

Commands that couldn’t matched automatically, you can assign manually by pressing theh search Symbol  .

For infrared devices which has a  learn function, you can directly learn the sequences at this place by pressing the plus button . Probably it is the fastest way the register all codes you need for your device at this place.

Control for whitch a action is  assigned will also be preselected for generation of the layout page. Not preselected controls could be transfered anway (select checkbox), but you have to set a infrared action after manualay.

After generation of the layout page you could modify or extend it as you like. The pictures used in the layout templates are at your disposal also for your own designed layout pages.