Notifications are message elements, that will be displayed at the upper border of the screeen when silding down. It is possible to design such a notification also with other control elements. In IRControl you can create notifications with the layout editor with any Content.

For a notification you have to create a layout page.

The size of the page is calculated from IRControl System and should match to the size of notifications on your Android device. You can change this size, but normaly it is not necessary. Notifications will be created with on fragement that corresponds to a small message element. A second, larger Fragment can be created optionally, wich will be displayed in the notification list emediately (if there is enough space) or will be transformed with a slide movement from the small form. Keep in mind, that notifications on different Android devices may have different sizes. The size will not be adapted or recalculated.

The Android operating system has some limitations for the creation of notifications. Therefore not all layout element could be used and also not all layout Parameter.

If the notification will be displayed can be switched on or off with  he Enable Checkbox.