Widgets are pages that are not displayed within an app, but as an element on the Andorid desktop. With the IRControl you can design widgets yourself in the layout editor. For this you have to create a layout page with page type Widget.

The Android desktop is splitted in a kind of grid. You can place widgets in one or more cells of this grid and can have therefore the size of one or more cells. The IRControl system does propose you a size (converted to Pixels) that corresponds to a size of 4 x 4 cells. Of course you can chane the size of your widgets for your Needs. Please keep in mind that Widget does not scale to different Screen sizes if you use it on different Android devices. Widgets does have only one Fragment.

The Android operating system has some limitations for the creation of widgets. Therefore not all layout element could be used and also not all layout Parameter.

Widgets you can install on the desktop if you tap on the screen at a free place and hold it for a Moment. Then you can select the App which provide the Widget you want to install (IRControl, IRControl Plus or IRControl Executor). Now the IRControl System lists the Widgets you have created. Now you can select one and close the Dialog with . The widget will be created now on the desktop. Widgets created by IRControl are resizeable, so you can Change the size of it. Also changing the position of the Widget is possible after the installation.