If you create a layout page, the IRControl Software does propse automatically the page dimnsion (Base Width and Base Height). This values does correspond to the screen dimensions of your acutal android device. Normally you should not change this values. If the Base Width is the bigger value, the page will be displayed in landscape format, if the Base Height is bigger, it will be displayed in portrait format. Please keep in mind, that on most devices the values for portrait and landscape are different and cannot be exchanged, because a state- and navigation area will be showed additionally.

If you transfer your layout configuration to an other device with different screen resolutions, the IRControl System does recalculate the coordinates of your controls according the screen dimensions on the new device.

IRControl needs a minimal screen resolution of 1200 x 720 pixels, else the configuration part of the software is not really operable. It is recommended to use a smartphone with large display or a tablet for configuration. But it is possible and also make sense to create layoutes for a smaller devices and execute them on it.