With a macro you can define a sequence of functions (Actions) which will be exeuted one after the other. Principly you can call each type of action within a macro. Typically you will use Infrared Actions or Actions to switch power adapters. For detailed information about actions read the chapter Actions

Enter a new macro

You have to enter a unique ID for the macro. Now you can add actions that will be called by executing the macro. With the order button you can change the execution order of the attached actions.

Now the macro can be called with a Macro Action from any button control.

The IRControl System has a macro recording Feature. For this purpose you have to create an macro, give it a unqiue Id und start the red Recorder button . Now you can leave the setup mode of IRControl. When the macro recording mode is currently acitve, it will be symbolized with a blinking recorder symbol. Now you can just select your layout controls as usual. In addition to execute actions, it will be also recoredet now. For finishing the macro record go to the setup part of IRControl and press the stop button . The recorded macro can be editited now as usual (maybe you must complete it with sleep commands). When pressing the Ok button , the macro will be stored.