With the Macro Scheduler you can start macros time controlled. To schedule a macro, you have to register a Task for it. The following schedule types can be used:

  • Fix Date/Time (the macro will be exeucted at a fix date and time)
  • Daily (the macro will be executed every day at the same time)
  • Weekday (the macro will be executed every week at a fix weekday at the same time.
  • Day of Month (the macro will be executed once a month at a fix day of the month at a fix time)

You have to configure your task as follows:


Select as schedule type de intervla of execution that you need. With the search button beside the Macro ID field, you can list the available macros and select the one you use for scheduling. Enter the values that are necessary for the invervall: Date, Weekday, Day of month and time. With the OK button  you can store the macro Task.

The Broadlink RM pro device has a integrated temperature sensore. If there is a gatway definition  available you can also configure macro that are additionally controlled by a specific temperature (for example you can turn on the air condition if the temperature rises to hight).

The configuration of a temperatur dependend task looks like follows:

You have to choose Temperature as the schedule type. The property Time Limitation can be set, if there is also a time range Limitation. The time limtation works analog to the normal time controlled Task, except there is not a fix time, but a time range.

You have to select the Sensor which is valid for the temperature messurement. Press the search button beside the Temperature Sensore field to list and selct the sensor. Now you have to define a tempareture limit (lower than) and/or a temparture Limit (higher than), as well as a poll Intervall (in minutes).

You shuld know the following things about macro Tasks:

  • The next scheduled time will be registered at the alarming manager of the Android operating system. The IRControl App will be starte one Minute before the configured time (without any output on the display). The IRControl App can not run therefore for executing scheduled Task.
  • The control of the timed task in alarming manager  needs system resources permanently. So the akku will be discharged faster.
  • For the temperature examination there is a observing task needed. So, temperature related macro tasks will not be executed anymore, if you terminate the IRControl App. Do not configure the poll Interval with a to deep value, because the App will be waked up each time it has to check the temperature.
  • A temperature related macro task will be executed every poll interval if the temperature condition is valid. It will not called only once if the temperature exceeds the timelimit, but every poll interval.