For devices (typically tvs) you can define a channel list. For this the channel name, number and and image must be stored. So it is possible to generate a channel list and visiualize it ou your remote control system. Read also the chapter Channel List for more information about the layout control.

Switch on the tab „Directory“ on the device configuration dialog.

Add for each channel a directory entry by pressing the plus button . You have to enter the name and the symbol icon of the channel. A number of tv symbon icons isi already stored in the picture category TV Channels. For channels where no symbol image is available, you can add one yourself (see chapter Image Dialog).

Now you have to define the commands to control which sequence must be sent to the target device to choose a channel. Depending on your targetdevice and how channels will be selected on it, you have to define a prefix or suffix additionally to the number sequences. It is possible to define different prefixes (Prefix 1 and Prefix 2) and suffixes (Suffix 1 and Suffix 2) depending if the channel nummber is single-digit or double-digit. For suffix there is to define a enter or select command for most of devices. Maybe it needs also a short break between the commands. For this you have to define a Command sequence „space“ with a Command Action „sleep“. You will find more about sleeping in the chapter Command Action. For the nummbers you have to select the corresponding control command..

If all commands and directory entries are ready, you can use the Channel List for your layout as described in chapter . This could be look like this: