The IRControl Executor ist a independed Android App and contains only the the execution part of IRControl. But the Executor has therefor no limitations of display size. Handling and menus are designed that they will displayed also on android devices with small displays as optimal as possible.

The idea of it is, that the most important control functions can be controlled also an a (small) smartphone, while the design and layout of the pages will be done on a tablet device and transmitted after to the other device. You can use the data datatransfer function for creating exports which you can import after on your smartphone (executor). The export file will be generated on you smcard from where you can copy it to other devices. We recommend to make the design in the screen resolution of the target device (for example smartphone). The Screen Resolution you can see in the systen Information page in IRControl or IRControl Executor.

It exists also different Android emulators for PCs (Windows). You can also install IRControl on such an Emulator, where you can make the design. Acutlly we have tested it with MEmu. You have to configure there the access to the Network seperatly for controlling the gateways (have a look at How to Setup Lan in Win10).