It makes sense to also control the electric power of your home electronic equimpent with the IRControl System. The MyStrom Power Swtich has the advantage, that it does not only have the possibility to turn the power on/off like like radiotransmission based power switches do, you can also detect the actual state of it. So you can make layout controls which shows the state (if power is on or off) and react according to it.

Specialy in contrast to other devices we control with the IRControl System is, da we do not have a transmission sender and receiver. Thru the architecture of IControl you have to register anyway a Gateway and a Device. More about this you can find in the chapters MyStrom Gateway, MyStrom Device and Power Switch.

For configure an Power Switch Control you have to define 3 Actions, which should call the 3 different command types (power.on, and state). While you have to link the state action in any case directly with the control, you can call the commands power.on and also indirectly included in Macro. The 3 different images you can configure for a Power Switch Control builds a special graphical effect, whitch will make your IRControl System to an eye catcher.