The following Image shows the system architecture of the IRControl system and its linked components.

Infrared transmitter

An infrared Transmitter is a device, that will be placed anywehre in the room and transmits infrared control sequences to a receiver device like a tv or cd player. IRControl does support different type of transmitter. If you have several rooms with devices you want to telecontrol, you need a transmitter device for ewach room. There is no limitation of number of trasmitter devices in IRControl software. You can also use different types in the same environment.


A gateway is a software part of IRControl system that communicates with the infrared transmitter device. You have to define a gateway definition for each infrared transmitter.


Devices are representing the equipment you want to telecontrol with IRControl System (for example a tv). For ech device, a device configuration must be registered and linked with a gateway. In the device configuration, the specific infrared sequences will be added.


The layout pages defines the userinterface of your IRControl system. They contains Button, which will be linked with the control sequences defined in den device configuration. You are free to build your own layout pages. Therefore an very flexible and individual control system for your home electronic equipment can be developed.